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Chariot Carriers Bicycle Trailers!

Kids ride comfortably in Chariot Carriers!

Chariot Carriers
 makes the safest, highest quality, most versatile child carriers for today’s active family. Their innovative designs, careful craftsmanship and high-quality materials give your child the most comfortable ride and the utmost in protection! 

The CX 2 Chassis rolls super smoothly! The CX 2 Chassis combines innovative design with top-of-the-line workmanship to bring you a 2-child carrier that's functional and comfortable. Chariot has constructed a comfy seating system using their proven suspension frame and climate-control mesh sides. A sunshade and a rain/wind screen allow you to stay one step ahead of the weather, while reflective material on all sides provides safety. Plus, the light, aero wheels make this carrier easy to push and it easily folds for storage and transportation, too.
Chariot Carriers do extensive safety testing! When you purchase a Chariot Carrier, you’re buying a product that has undergone years of internal and field testing – and retesting. Just some of the tests conducted on each Chariot model are: side and rear impact, nose drop, suspension, hitch, tip-over, and long-term durability!
The Cavalier 2 is a sport-specific jogger perfect for running and walking. It always tracks straight ahead and is nimble and maneuverable in turns. A safety wrist strap means the Cavalier is always in your control. Plus, Chariot's innovative ezFold design allows quick and easy storage, even in small trunks. It carries 2 children.
The Cavalier 2 is a dream to push!
Chariot's SideCarrier is right there with you! The SideCarrier is a unique single-passenger sidecar bicycle trailer that allows you to stay in contact with your child as you ride. Chatting and interacting is easy and fun, and the trailer's position sidesteps any rear-wheel spray. Ultra stable and low to the ground, the SideCarrier mounts easily and rides smoothly. Padded seats and a mesh upper allows airflow and breathability. Reflective material makes the SideCarrier extremely visible, too.
Chariot Carriers' suspensions provide a velvety-smooth ride! Chariot Carriers' innovative suspension systems (CAS and CPS) absorb bumps and hug the trails to smooth the way to more comfortable outings while adding protection from unexpected bumps. You're kids enjoy luxurious comfort!
The Cougar 1 Chassis sports great features that your child will love, such as a comfy seating system using an adjustable suspension frame and padded seats. It also boasts light aluminum wheels, a padded shoulder harness, reflective accents and a removable, hand-washable seat bottom. The Cougar easily folds for storage and transportation and holds 1 child.
Chariot's Cougar is sleek and aerodynamic!
Cruise in comfort with Chariot's Cabriolet! The Cabriolet is a great all-around 2-child bicycle trailer. It comes with padded shoulder harnesses, a comfortable seat, light aluminum wheels, an easy-to-use hitch and a great cover with mesh for airflow and even tinted side windows for UV protection. It also folds easily for storage and transportation.
Chariot Carriers fold easily for transportation and storage! Chariot Carriers' folding system is extremely quick and easy to use. It allows folding your trailer into a flat package, which can be carried in even the smallest car.
The sleek and nimble Cheetah 1 Chassis ensures that your family adventures are unforgettable. It's cozy and roomy inside and has mesh sides for excellent airflow. For easy pushing it features a light aluminium frame and 20-inch wheels, which push easy even on the dirt. Other great features include a 5-point seatbelt, and a large rear storage bag. Plus, the Cheetah easily folds for storage and transportation and holds 1 child.
Chariots Cheetah 1 is a joy to use!

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